‘We Want To Be Born As European Cows’

P SAINATH, Rural Affairs Editor at The Hindu, quotes Zhavandia, a Vidarbha farmer, “We want to be born as European cows. India exported food grain at the rate of Rs 5.45 per kilo while selling the same to us at Rs 6.40. The exports were meant for the European cow.”

Deepa Bhatia’s film Nero’s Guests tracks the expansive work of P Sainath on farmer suicides. She follows him into villages, conference rooms, convocation halls and Parliament. Sainath’s written text and spoken words carry urgent, biting accusations, “I have covered suicides where farmers could not get Rs 8,000 at a decent rate of interest. And I, as an urban middle-class professional, am offered a Mercedes Benz at 6.5 percent interest, no collateral required.”

Full review here


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