Work in progress

Of Remembrance and Bitter Beans, In Post Production

Expected Completion 2022

Music in a village named 1 PB, In Post Production 

Expected Completion 2022


A film with Flavia Agnes on Law, Feminism, Flavia and the City, Ongoing Research Project

Production of Privilege, Scripting stage

A Room Of Her Own:

A multi-modal curation of photographs, film and sound works, personal artefacts,text and oral

The first film school of independent India is a crucial public
institution for women graduates who arrived in the industry as
qualified artists and professionals.The experience of women is,
however, marginalized in the narratives of Indian cinema. By
excavating personal mementos, documenting oral histories and
re-presenting photographs from private collections that capture their
time as students of cinema, this project of collective
self-representation will spotlight women’s relationship to the cinema
and disrupt conventional histories.

Expected Completion 2023